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1000 Rounds of .22 LR Ammo by CCI – 40gr LHP


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Ammo Quantity – 1000 rounds per case; 100 per box

Ammo Manufacturer – CCI

Projectiles – 40 grain lead hollowpoint

Ammo Casing – Rimfire brass

1000 Rounds of .22 LR Ammo by CCI – 40gr LHP



CCI’s Subsonic hollowpoints pair great with suppressor for varmint hunting and garden clean-up that won’t wake the neighbors! CCI’s clean-burning powder will produce a subtle report that won’t travel over the hills and alert lurking critters during an extended hunt. This is all accomplished without sacrificing terminal performance which is paramount for dropping squirrels, hares, and small birds in a humane manner.


Each cartridge is topped off with a 40-grain projectile which matches the ballistics of most target loads out to normal small game hunting distances. The bullet has a wide-mouth cavity atop its rounded nose which is intended for seamless feeding and insertion in any type of action. Upon impact with a target, the exposed lead design and large cavity promote lethal expansion without fragmentation. This creates a free-bleeding wound cavity in the target and transfers appropriate energy to vital areas. CCI ammunition is manufactured in the United States using top-quality components.


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