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30 Carbine Ammo


1000 Rounds Armscor 30 .30 Carbine Ammo 110gr FMJ 30M1

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30 carbine ammo | 30 carbine ammo for sale

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The Lowdown on 30 Carbine Ammo

The 30 Carbine ammo was designed by Winchester before World War II for a U.S. Army “light rifle” project to replace heavy rifles and handguns with lighter, more accurate firepower. It saw combat in the Vietnam War and Korean War, and is now popular with gun enthusiasts, sportsmen, and hunters worldwide.

30 Carbine Ammo specs

30 Carbine ammo was built as a rimless 30 caliber version of its .32 Winchester Self-Loading parent cartridge. The bullet’s diameter is 308 inches (7.62 mm), ), extending to the neck (.331 inches, 8.41 mm) and to the base (.354 inches, 8.99 mm). The case is 1.29 inches (32.76 mm) long, 1.65 inches (41.91 mm) overall. The rifling twist is 1:20 (25.4 cm). The primer is small rifle.

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